All About Ferche Millwork and Molding

Here at US Building Products, we take pride in selling high quality building materials made right here in the United States. That’s why we’re so proud to offer molding from Ferche Millwork.

History and Values

Ferche’s humble beginnings starting at their very own mill in Rice, Minnesota in 1958. Ferche holds themselves to the highest standards when it comes to the lumber, tools, and practices they use to make the highest quality molding in North America.

Ferche is confident that their small town roots, midwestern work ethic, and dedication to their craft is what sets them apart from other millworkers. These are certainly some core values we can really get behind!

The Product

Ferche makes over 13,000 products each year, so they’re used to both the bigger jobs and the smaller ones. In 2018 alone, Ferche produced…
•1308 unique solid interior jambs in 36 species
•2047 casing profiles in 35 species
•767 base patterns in 31 species
•201 different astragals in 32 species.

Everybody likes something a little different, and their interior design reflects that. Ferche realized this and knew it had an opportunity to become a high quality one-stop-shop for solid molding and veneered products.

Not sure if Ferche would have the species or cut you’re looking for? Stop worrying. Ferche typically creates moldings in red oak, poplar, hard maple, soft maple, superior alder, knotty alder, yellow birch, cherry, hickory, mahogany, walnut, white oak, and sapele. Don’t see the wood species you’re looking for? Ferche also offers a wide range of custom wood species to fit almost any style.

The Finishing Touches

Ferche firmly believes in sanding their product. Here’s what the Ferche website says on their sanded finish,

Sanding is a critical step in any good finished millwork job – regardless of whether it’s solvent or water based finish.  In many applications, water based stain & top coats are quickly replacing solvent-borne finishes. The move toward water based finishes has a dramatic effect on wood (fiber). Wood fiber absorbs water then expands; causing the grain to rise and fur up… The industry’s leading finish product brands agree that sanding is the key to a quality finish.


Still not sure if Ferche is the right millworker for your molding? Take a look at some of our favorite images from real homes below.

Green bedroom with Ferche molding on walls and baseboards
Image courtesy of Ferche Millwork
Green Ferche molding on window jamb
Image courtesy of Ferche Millwork
Orange and brown room with natural Ferche molding on walls
Image courtesy of Ferche Millwork

Now imagine these rooms without Ferche molding. The old saying is right: you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone!