Brighten Your Life with Wasco Skylights: Part 2

best skylight for bedroom

Wasco bedroom skylight

Nearly every homeowner dreams of having a skylight installed in their house. A skylight’s ability to provide warm, natural lighting while cutting down on electricity costs is appealing to almost everyone. However, there are a number of other ways that skylights can improve your life. We’ve outlined four of them below. 

Your Eyes Arent Getting the Light They Need 

 Ask any elderly person and they’ll tell you: as you get older, your eyes need more and more light to see everything properly. This is because, as we age, our pupils get smaller over time and the lenses in our eyeballs thicken. As early as age 25, the strength of your vision can start to weaken, meaning that you need more light for them to function optimally.  

 It’s crucial, then, to make sure that your kitchen, home office, and other rooms are all getting the maximum amount of light possible. Skylights can provide this for you. While windows bring in halfway sufficient light on bright, sunny days, skylights will provide adequate lighting no matter what the sky looks like. By dispersing sunlight evenly across the room, your skylight will continuously give your eyes the light they need to thrive.   

You Could Use Some More Privacy  

 With increased development in both cities and suburbs, many of us are finding that we live far too close to our neighbors. Just take a second and look at how close your house is to your neighbors. Chances are, there are times that they can see right into your windows.  

 The nice thing about skylights is that they are on the ceiling, which means that you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors getting a glimpse in. If you add some Wasco blinds to your skylight, you’ll never have to worry about anyone seeing in, even when there’s a contractor up on the roof.  

Take Charge of Your Lighting

Wasco offers light-filtering SkyShades that enable you to filter out unwanted light without making the room pitch black. Whether you’re trying to take a nap or want to watch a movie in the dark, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust the amount of light that shines through.  

Even better, Wasco’s room-darkening SkyShades are able to block out light without changing the temperature. That means that you’ll be able to filter out 90% of the sunlight that shines through without having to adjust the temperature of your home. It’s amazing to have the option to enjoy the warm heat of the sun without having to take the sunshine, too.  

Stop Worrying About the Weather  

Too many homeowners are skeptical about skylights because they think it will attract leaks. Doesn’t a window on the roof create too many holes for rain to leak through? 

Not with Wasco Skylights! Wasco’s flashing kits are extra secure, protecting the interior of your home from any weather-related damage. Additionally, all of their motorized venting systems are equipped with a rain sensor that’s designed to keep the rain out. They’ll close at the first sign of rain, ensuring that your room stays nice and dry. 

Curious about the other benefits of skylights? Take a look at the first post in our series: 

 Brighten Up Your Life with Wasco Skylights: Part 1 
Or if you’re ready to start shopping, check out our residential skylights here! 
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Brighten Up Your Life with Wasco Skylights – Part 1

Brighten your room with Wasco Skylights

Family enjoying beautiful natural light from Wasco Skylights

It’s easy for people to overlook the value of skylights. They’re on the ceiling, not in your direct line-of-sight like a window, so we often forget that they’re even there. A good skylight can really transform the room, though.

Any homeowner who has invested in one can tell you that it’s been a great addition to their life.

And we want to share those reasons with you!  This is the first of a three-part series to educate you on the many ways in which Wasco skylights can improve your home and your life.

So let’s dive in – here are a few ways in which skylights can make your life much more enjoyable.  

Dynamic Natural Lighting 

Normal windows are great but they simply can’t provide the same amount of natural light that a Wasco Skylight can. Even on an overcast day, these skylights will help to maximize the amount of light coming into your home. Simply draw the blinds back and let the light in. 

With sun pouring in from the roof, your room will be soaked in warm, natural lighting. You’ll be amazed at how the colors of your walls, tiles, and furniture truly pop under some well-balanced light.  

Save Money on Electricity 

We all love air-conditioning, but the costs add up quite quickly. A skylight is a fantastic alternative to A/C, providing you with natural fresh air whenever you want it. While A/C units are far from eco-friendly, a skylight is a great energy efficient way to cool your house.

One thing that many people don’t realize is that skylights actually drag warm air outwards as they bring cool air in. Because heat tends to rise upwards, your Wasco Skylight will quickly replace it with cooler air. This air is then evenly distributed downward, helping you to circulate a fresh breeze through the entire floor or your home.  

Open Up Some Space 

Thinking about a renovation? You may want to consider investing in a skylight! The problem with regular old windows is that they take up a lot of wall space. This means less room for shelves, cabinets, and appliances.  

 With a skylight, you can save your wall space for other things. It will ultimately help you to reduce clutter and be more organized. With more shelf space, you’ll find yourself transforming into the neat and tidy person you always knew you could be.  

Air Out Your Environment 

You’d be shocked at how much dust, lint, and other grimy material accumulates in your home every day. Even if you vacuum and mop obsessively, there’s no way that anyone can possibly get to everything. Dirt piles up in cracks, grease gathers behind the stove and dust gathers along the edges of the ceiling. In time, this stuff can be harmful to you and your family.

If fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that we spend 90% of our time indoors and indoor concentrations of some pollutants are up to 5 times higher than they are outdoors!  These indoor pollutants can affect your health, causing irritation, headaches, and respiratory disease.

Wasco Skylights can help you to tackle this problem – by airing out your home and facilitating healthy air circulation. Not only will you be able to air out nasty smells and fumes, but you and your children will be much healthier.

There’s no better way to provide your family with the clean environment they deserve.  

Be sure to come back to check out the second part in this series.  
And if you’re ready to start shopping, click here to view the residential skylights available!  









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Wasco Skylight Cost, Savings and Tax Credit

Photo of a roof with open Wasco E-Class Solar powered motorized venting Skylights

Wasco E-Class Solar powered motorized venting Skylights

Skylights are a great addition to any home. They provide natural light and fresh air in a way that normal windows just can’t compete with. However, skylight costs are often a major concern for customers who are thinking about investing in one.  

After all, they’re pretty expensive, right?  

Well actually, no. Although the initial price tag might make it appear that a skylight is out of your budget, it’s important to take into consideration how much money one could save you.  

Data provided by the U.S government shows that, depending on where they live, the average homeowner spent anywhere from $98 to $130 on their electricity bill each month. For many of us, that’s simply too much!  

Installing a residential skylight can help you to spend less on electricity every month. By allowing natural light into your home, you’ll avoid having to turn on the lights during the daytime. You can enjoy warm sunshine without jacking up your electricity bill. 

Below, we’ve outlined some information on the cost of different Wasco skylight models and provided some tips on saving money when you buy one.  

Whats the Average Cost of a Wasco Skylight? 

Skylights come in a variety of different makes and models. Certain models operate manually while others are remote-controlled. The cost of each model depends on its features and dimensions.  

Wasco sells a Fixed Mount model that will only cost a few hundred bucks (including installation). These skylights can’t be opened, but they are a fantastic source of natural light.  

Wasco Deck Mounted Manual Venting and Curb Mounted Manual Venting skylights, on the other hand, can be opened and closed whenever you’d like. Although they cost a bit more than Fixed Mount skylights, they can save you money in the long run by helping you cut down on the costs of air conditioning.  

If you have a bit more money in your budget, Wasco sells a number of  Deck Mounted Solar Venting and Curb Mounted Solar Venting skylights. These models not only open and close but can be operated via a mobile device. 

The list below lays out the current base price of Wasco models available through US Building Products. 

*These prices do NOT include installation costs which will vary based on factors such as: skylight model, your ceiling type and number of skylights being installed.

Savings & Tax Credits

Solar-powered skylights and accessories are eligible for a 30% tax credit that reduce the cost of your investment.   This tax incentive applies not only to the cost of the product itself but the installation costs, as well. Ultimately, this could lead to big savings for homeowners. 

AND Wasco “E Class” Skylights are guaranteed by a 10-year leak-free warranty. So, no matter how much your skylight costs, you can be sure that your investment is a valuable one.

Ready to start shopping?  Click here to view our incredible selection of Wasco residential skylights!






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The Importance of Strong Screen Door Hardware

PCA Products Aluminum Screen DoorAre you living with a shoddy old screen door? Is it sagging and warped? Does it take away from the beauty of your otherwise elegant home? You may already be thinking about buying a new one…

Simply replacing a screen door, however, isn’t enough. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll find yourself shopping for a new one in another few years. You need a sturdy screen door that’s built to withstand daily wear and tear, lasting far longer than just a few years.

What many homeowners don’t understand, though, is that weak hardware can cause their screen doors to fall apart quickly. Because many people don’t know the importance of quality screen door hardware, they find themselves replacing screen doors more often than they’d like.

PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors are equipped with high-quality components that will last for years to come. Here’s a few reasons why they’re much better than your average screen door.

Durable Piano Hinges

Because you open and close them so often, screen door hinges don’t last as long as you’d like. After all, they can only take so much abuse. Poorly constructed hinges will fall apart even faster.

PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors feature a solid piano hinge that runs the full length of the door frame, making it durable enough to withstand all of the opening and closing you do.

Wood Pile Lined Z-Bar

 Nothing is worse than a screen door that makes a horrific crashing noise overtime it closes. The reason this happens, though, is that most screen doors have aluminum bars along the top of their frames.

PCA Products Aluminum Screen Door, on the other hand, feature wooden z-bars specifically designed to reduce noise. Instead of slamming up against your door frame, these screen doors close gently and quietly.

Sturdy Handles

 Aside from hinges, your screen door’s handle is the most susceptible to damage. It is often grabbed, twisted and used haphazardly as you and your children enter the house.

For that reason, you need a screen door handle that will last. The handles on PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors are both heavy-duty and rust-resistant, ensuring that yours will last as long as you need them to. With a number of in-swinging, locking and ergonomic options, PCA products has a screen door handle to suit your needs.

High-Quality Closer Tube

The closer tube, which is the cylindrical metal part at the top, makes your door close automatically on its own. When it becomes unhinged, your door will flap around in the wind on its own. Anyone who has a screen door that is constantly open understands the frustration of a broken closer tube.

Luckily, PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors are equipped with a stainless steel bracket that won’t unfasten on you, guaranteeing that your door stays in strong working condition.

French Door Hardware

If you were to buy French screen doors, you’d usually need to buy an extra post that runs down the middle of both halves. It costs more money and divides your doorway in two.

PCA Products, however, offers a French Door Astragal Kit that enables you to buy French doors without the added expense or inconvenience. With PCA Products French doors, you can have a beautiful doorway without limiting the size of objects that can move through it.

Sag No More – Prevent Screen Door Sagging With PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors

PCA Products Aluminum Screen Door

You may be surprised to hear that your screen door is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Think about it, though. You use your screen door every day. Whether you’re coming in the front door or walking out to the back yard, you’re using your screen door. It’s completely exposed to the elements and slams behind your children every time they run in and out of the house. Over time, your screen door starts to deteriorate and sag.

In order to prevent sagging, it is important that you find yourself a screen door that’s built to last. The hinges, in particular, need to be sturdy enough to live through the wear and tear of everyday life. Without a strong knowledge of hinge options, however, it can be difficult to find a screen door that suits your needs.

Luckily, PCA Products offers Aluminum Screen Doors that are designed to stand the test of time. These doors have several features that ensure you’ll never have to worry about your screen door sagging again. With specially-designed piano hinges, an elegant appearance and a lifetime warranty, PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors are some of the best screen doors on the market.

PCA Products Aluminum screen door features

PCA Products Aluminum screen door features (Advantage 500)

Here are a few great things about PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors:

Sturdy Piano Hinges for a More Durable Product

Most screen doors start to sag because their hinges aren’t built to handle stress. Over time, weak hinges start to shift out of place. As a result, you end up with a droopy, sad-looking screen door.

PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors, however, are equipped with the same style of hinges used to support a heavy piano lid. They are specially designed to distribute weight evenly and prevent the sagging that would normally occur. Additionally, the sturdy construction of PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors prevent the doorframe from warping over time.

Squeaky Clean Appearance (Without the Squeaky Sound)

There’s nothing worse than a screen door that starts to creak as it gets old. Who wants to hear an obnoxious, squeaky sound every time someone walks into the house?

With PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors, you won’t have to worry about your hinges creaking. In addition to being the sturdiest mounting method, piano hinges create far less noise than normal screen door hinges. Because PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors run the full length of the door frame, they look fantastic too!

Simple Installation and Lifetime Warranty

Although piano hinges are much sturdier, they don’t require special knowledge to install! Having a strong and durable screen door only takes a tiny of work. Whether you are hanging the door or having a contractor do it for you, installing a PCA Products Aluminum Screen Door is a piece of cake. PCA makes it so easy!

On top of that, all PCA Products Aluminum Screen Doors feature a limited lifetime warranty. While you can be sure that your PCA Products Aluminum Screen Door is built to last, the limited lifetime warranty ensures that you’ll enjoy a high-quality screen door for years to come.

3 Reasons To Add French Screen Doors To Your Home

French screen door

Aluminum French screen door by PCA Products

For centuries, adding French style doors has been a way to transform homes of all styles.  Architects, designers and homeowners everywhere love French screen doors for their ability to let natural light in, allow fresh air to flow, and to provide a view of the surrounding environment.  PCA Products aluminum French screen doors look great and can be the perfect addition to a living space for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Many homeowners don’t realize just how beneficial French screen doors can be.  In addition to being a great alternative to standard-style exterior doors or windows, French screen doors are an easy way to add value to a home.

If you’ve ever considered adding French screen doors to your home but haven’t yet made the commitment, here are a few reasons why you should:

French screen doors Add Curb Appeal To Any House

 It is no secret that a potential buyer’s first impression often determines whether or not they buy a home.  For this reason, homeowners often spend tens of thousands of dollars making the front of their house look good.

French screen doors are an affordable way to give your home a slick and elegant face that’s sure to impress any potential buyer.  There’s something about French screen doors that make a home’s exterior much more inviting and appealing to someone looking to purchase a house.  Your house will also look immediately stunning to neighbors and visitors as they pull into the driveway.

They Make Rooms Feel Larger

 French screen doors don’t only improve the exterior of a house, but can also completely transform interiors as well.  Whereas normal doors and windows often minimize the amount of light that’s let into a space, French screen doors allow much more sunshine into a screen room or enclosed porch.  In turn, French screen doors work to make rooms feel more spacious and less cluttered.  Who doesn’t dream of having an unobstructed view where they can look out onto their property?

Those homeowners who add French screen doors to the back of their home enjoy having the ability to leave their backdoors open, letting both sunshine and a cool summer breeze into their house.  Instead of making the kitchen, living or dining room feel cooped-up and claustrophobic, the addition of a French screen doors to an enclosed porch or entry way can give these rooms a certain airy and open quality.  Those who add French screen doors to their interior of their homes are impressed by how much larger their house feels.

French screen doors Can Be Customized To Fit Your Taste


The US Building Products team is happy to offer PCA Products aluminum French screen doors with numerous customizable options, ensuring that your new doors will match your home perfectly.  Almost every aspect of the door can be personalized to suit your needs.  This includes ornamental accessories that can be added to the design of your French screen doors for extra flare.  With dozens of design options, you can be sure that your French screen doors will match the overall style of your home.  Additionally, customizable locks, handles and hardware, are available ensuring that your doors are as safe as they are stylish.


PCA Products Family Owned







Contractor financing now available with BlueTarp Financial partnership

US Building Products is thrilled to offer the strength and convenience of BlueTarp Contractor Financing. Now, contractors will have access to robust online tools to better manage your business, as well as BlueTarp’s top-notch customer service team, and options for larger lines of credit and flexible payment terms to meet job-specific needs.

We are freeing up our customers to work smarter, not harder. BlueTarp offers 24/7 access to purchasing activity and available credit, along with simple, convenient online tools that allow you to track purchases and pay online.

Now, you may be wondering: “Yea, but what do I have to do?” Answer: Apply online! Once approved, simply purchase as you normally do. You’ll maintain the same credit line and terms, however, with BlueTarp, we now gain the flexibility to offer larger lines and longer terms should you require them in the future.

We here at US Building Products are partnering with BlueTarp Financial based on the shared goal of strengthening our customer relationship, anticipating needs and exceeding expectations, every time.

Extend the pleasures of your home with French screen doors

French screen door

One of the joys of summer has always been the easy indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the season, allowing homeowners to throw open doors and windows and let the warm air and cooling breezes inside. There is also the constant in and out traffic flow so common to families with active children. What is better than planning a backyard meal?

French screen door

All of these activities benefit from doors that open wide and withstand lots of use. There’s almost nothing prettier, or more traditional, than a set of French doors to frame a pretty landscape and allow easy access in both directions. One challenge with standard French door installations is that screening to deter flying insects and crawling critter invasions is not always a simple matter. The main attraction of double opening doors is the expanse of uninterrupted space they offer, both for sight lines and actual “navigation.”

Typical screen door options are not always user friendly; whether your French doors are the home’s architectural highlight or simply a convenient feature of a screened porch, pool enclosure or freestanding garden structure. While retractable screens can be effective solutions for traditional French doors, they are not always architecturally appropriate. Even though they can be almost “invisible” when closed and tucked out of the way to one side, they are sometimes difficult to latch and subject to misuse and operational mishaps. They are a decidedly contemporary solution and do nothing to enhance traditional or period architecture. Commonly, plastic parts are easily bent, magnets break and installation can be difficult even for a professional. Seasonal cleaning can be a chore.

One should also note that while wooden screen doors may provide a more traditional architectural solution; they are bulky, require regular maintenance, and they may also difficult to install in a double-door frame. Wooden screens may sag, warp, splinter and need periodic refinishing. And, while a stabilizing center post can be installed to increase strength, the same post decreases function and appeal.

The PCA Product Solution

French screen door

The better idea for almost any screen installation, but especially for French double doors, is a durable, strong and efficient aluminum screen door designed to complement and enhance the esthetics and the convenience of your home. US Building Products offers handcrafted custom PCA screen doors that can be custom designed to project any look you desire — from simple to artistic to “proper” historic styles. PCA screen doors are available in five standard powder-coated colors and almost unlimited options for customizing your double doors. You can design in-swing or out-swing doors, and there are numerous latching, locking and ornamental options. For your convenience and your pet’s comfort, there are also pet door screening options.

Every PCA screen product is crafted to the highest standards of quality, designed for maximum beauty and efficiency. Your double-door screens will serve you well, either as stand-alone doors, or installed in tandem with your working French doors. They resist weather damage and extend your outdoor living options throughout the seasons. Give us a call at  1-800-284-5194 to find the perfect set of doors. With serviceable and attractive double door screens you can enjoy both your home’s interior and exterior with equal ease.

French screen door

French screen door features

Who’ll Let the Dogs Out?

There is almost nothing more inviting than when you spot your favorite pet standing enthusiastically at the door when you get home from a long day. That’s probably why we spend so much time and money spoiling our pets with treats and toys. Owning a dog can be an immensely rewarding situation. It can also cause you plenty of headaches.

Your opinion of your dog tends to change considerably when it begins to whine at 4 a.m. and you have to get up out of bed to let it out. How many times have you stubbed your toe, knocked something over, or not been able to get back to sleep after letting the dog back in?

PCA Products Screen doors with pet doors make people and pets happy!

One solution that can keep you from having to stop what you’re doing (or having to climb out of bed) every time your dog needs to go out is to install a pet door. If that’s the route you are leaning towards, you need to consider your options. There are so many options on the market that finding the right fit for your needs could make your head spin.


Some pet doors are nothing but a rubber flap that covers a hole in your door. While this seems like all you may need, you will find that these doors often wear out over time and don’t have any type of seal. Without a seal, what’s stopping unwanted creatures from entering your house at all hours of the day? To keep unwanted creatures out of your house, a stronger pet door material; one that will last over years and years of abuse, is a good start. Getting a door that has a positive seal (or a stop) incorporated into it is advantageous for any homeowner who wants to keep wild animals in the wild.


Once you’ve ascertained what type of door you want, the question then becomes, “where do I install this thing?” Some people have cut holes in their walls or modified their heavy wooden doors to install a pet door. Do you have the expertise and the equipment to do such a major project? Even if you do, do you have the time? Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to get the convenience of strong and reliable pet door, without the hassle? Have you ever considered installing an aluminum screen door?


Aluminum screen doors that have heavy aluminum frames and piano hinges, like those manufactured by PCA Products, can support pet doors of multiple sizes. Besides the freedom your pets would get from having a door outside, your home will get all the benefits that a PCA Aluminum screen door can bring to your home. PCA Products aluminum screen doors are available with the The Magnador pet door.  The pet door features a two-way hinge, magnets that hold the door in place to keep unwanted debris (among other things) out, while the design itself works in concert with the rest of the door to keep out bugs.

The Magnador™ Two-Way Pet Door

The friendly team at can assist you to help you find exactly what you need from our catalogue of top-of-the-line and hand-crafted PCA Aluminum screen doors and accessories. For more information, visit us on facebook or call us toll free at (800) 284-5194. You and your pets will be happy you did.

PCA Products – Most Popular Aluminum Screen Doors

PCA Products has been manufacturing aluminum screen doors for twenty five years. And, throughout the years the following six types of screen doors have become the most popular choices from the more than sixty custom screen door designs available from PCA Products.  All of the most popular models of PCA Products screen doors are available at US Building Products.  At least one  of the popular models is bound to compliment the architectural style of your home.  And, all of the PCA Products aluminum screen doors are available in five powder coated colors designed to match the color scheme and style of your project.  Stay tuned as we will review the I-750, P-100, Q-1540, A-552, A-100, and A-500 models of PCA Products aluminum screen doors in future blog posts.

PCA Products most popular screen doors

PCA Products most popular screen doors

Remember, aluminum screen doors are not all equals, there will be no need to worry about screen blow out, sagging doors, or bugs crawling in under the door with a PCA Screen Door.  All PCA Products items are backed with an exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty against defects in manufacturing, design and workmanship.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!