3 Reasons To Add French Screen Doors To Your Home

French screen door
Aluminum French screen door by PCA Products
For centuries, adding French style doors has been a way to transform homes of all styles.  Architects, designers and homeowners everywhere love French screen doors for their ability to let natural light in, allow fresh air to flow, and to provide a view of the surrounding environment.  PCA Products aluminum French screen doors look great and can be the perfect addition to a living space for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Many homeowners don’t realize just how beneficial French screen doors can be.  In addition to being a great alternative to standard-style exterior doors or windows, French screen doors are an easy way to add value to a home.

If you’ve ever considered adding French screen doors to your home but haven’t yet made the commitment, here are a few reasons why you should:

French screen doors Add Curb Appeal To Any House

 It is no secret that a potential buyer’s first impression often determines whether or not they buy a home.  For this reason, homeowners often spend tens of thousands of dollars making the front of their house look good.

French screen doors are an affordable way to give your home a slick and elegant face that’s sure to impress any potential buyer.  There’s something about French screen doors that make a home’s exterior much more inviting and appealing to someone looking to purchase a house.  Your house will also look immediately stunning to neighbors and visitors as they pull into the driveway.

They Make Rooms Feel Larger

 French screen doors don’t only improve the exterior of a house, but can also completely transform interiors as well.  Whereas normal doors and windows often minimize the amount of light that’s let into a space, French screen doors allow much more sunshine into a screen room or enclosed porch.  In turn, French screen doors work to make rooms feel more spacious and less cluttered.  Who doesn’t dream of having an unobstructed view where they can look out onto their property?

Those homeowners who add French screen doors to the back of their home enjoy having the ability to leave their backdoors open, letting both sunshine and a cool summer breeze into their house.  Instead of making the kitchen, living or dining room feel cooped-up and claustrophobic, the addition of a French screen doors to an enclosed porch or entry way can give these rooms a certain airy and open quality.  Those who add French screen doors to their interior of their homes are impressed by how much larger their house feels.

French screen doors Can Be Customized To Fit Your Taste


The US Building Products team is happy to offer PCA Products aluminum French screen doors with numerous customizable options, ensuring that your new doors will match your home perfectly.  Almost every aspect of the door can be personalized to suit your needs.  This includes ornamental accessories that can be added to the design of your French screen doors for extra flare.  With dozens of design options, you can be sure that your French screen doors will match the overall style of your home.  Additionally, customizable locks, handles and hardware, are available ensuring that your doors are as safe as they are stylish.


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