Custom Cape Exterior Renovation Project

Like all wooden structures that have been around for almost 35 years, this custom cape is in need of some routine exterior maintenance.  The planned project includes:

  • chimney pointing, crown replacement, and new stainless cap
  • strip and shingle roof (sheathing replacement and structural repairs as deemed necessary)
  • Roto venting skylight replacement with Wasco venting skylight
  • replacement of 300 linear feet of cedar clapboard
  • replacement of 90 linear feet of custom milled 1”x12’’ bottom trim board
  • replacement of several corner boards around the house
Custom cape pre-renovation
Custom cape pre-renovation with shingle sample boards












Most of the line items from above are noticeable in the photo even at a distance.  Deteriorated, stained shingles, an aging Roto branded venting skylight on the front roof of one of the bedrooms, rot at the base of the trim and corner-boards as well as where the clapboards meet the lower roof.

We decided to start with the chimney repair in an effort to avoid damage that could be caused by falling bricks and mortar.  An initial visual inspection was done on the flues paying careful attention to the flue from the oil fired boiler to ensure it was not damaged.  All three flues were in satisfactory condition and did not warrant any replacement/repair.  The crown around the three chimney flues was easily removed along with about three courses of mortar and bricks that were loose.  The bricks were relayed with fresh mortar and a new crown was also installed all in the same day.  The cap was then installed several days later after the mortar and crown had set.  The cap provides protection from debris and water while also offering a nice aesthetic look to top off the chimney.

Next up roof, skylight replacement, clapboard siding, trim, and corner boards…