USBP tours the Supa Doors manufacturing facility in Universal City, TX

Our friends at Supa Doors in Universal City, TX (outside of San Antonio) were gracious enough to give us a tour of their manufacturing facility last week.


[from company website] Supa Doors are stile & rail solid MDF doors that are built to order. Ideal for high-end single family homes, large scale residential, hospitality, assisted living, and religious institutions across North America, Supa Doors can be found in prestigious projects including the Plaza Hotel NYC, 15 Central Park West, The Hotel Bel-Air, The Austonian, Trump Chicago, Ritz Carlton Montreal, Four Seasons Residences – Austin among others.


Sheets of MDF are brought into the plant and cut depending on the customer’s specification.


Sheets of MDF cut and staged


After being cut, parts of the door are sent through a machine that routers the desired profile edges.


Creating the desired profiled edges
Supa Doors profiler
Supa Doors profiled edge…


If a particular run requires glass, glass is then installed into the doors.


Glass installation in a Supa Door


The rails and stiles are assembled into a half door.  Then two half door frames are then glued together and assembled for final sanding and trimming.


Half door prior to glue up
Half door pieces during glue up
Final glue up prior to pressing, sanding, and finishing…


After assembly, the door goes through a press to ensure everything stays together prior to painting and/or finishing.


Preparing the door for the press to ensure everything stays together prior to painting and/or finishing.


EVERY door goes through quality control.  Here, two carpenters look at each door and make any necessary last minute adjustments.

Two carpenters inspect a door


Supa Doors also manufactures fire-rated doors that can either withstand 45 or 90 minutes.  The inside of the door, pictured below, contains special material to allow that to happen, thus protecting the home or commercial property in the event of a fire.


The inside of a fire rated door contains special material to provide additional protection to a structure in the event of a fire.
Supa Doors manufactures fire-rated doors rated to either 45 or 90 minutes.


Doors for a particular job are stacked up and moved over to the finish area.


Supa Doors staged in the finish area of the manufacturing facility


Sanding is next up.  Doors are sanded to remove any rough edges.


‘Supa smooth’ sanded Supa Door
Sanded Supa Doors


Next up is the priming chamber.


The priming chamber


A finished product!  If desired Supa Doors can also provide pre-finished doors with a durable baked on paint finish.


A Supa pre-finished door with a durable baked on paint finish
A pre-finished door with a durable baked on paint finish