Wasco SageGlass Dynamic Glazing

The Wasco SageGlass dynamic glazing feature allows homeowners or building managers to control the tint of their skylight glass remotely at the push of a button. SageGlass offers maximum versatility, allowing light transmission from 66% down to 3% as needed.



With little or no effort, electronic controls allow users to reduce or increase the amount of sunlight entering a room. Pre-programming features give users the power to change the tint as heat and light conditions vary throughout the day. Property owners of large commercial buildings enjoy the option of seamlessly integrating control of their SageGlass into the electronic building management system.

MacDonough-1For added convenience, smart phone users can control the tint of their SageGlass through an app. The app allows users to adjust light transmission values to change at specific times of the day, or as needed. The change from light to dark, clear to tinted, takes only minutes.


Wasco SageGlass gives you all the benefits of traditional skylights while allowing you to reduce glare and eliminate heat as desired. Now you can install skylights without unnecessarily heating your home or building, or running extra climate control to ensure personal comfort. SageGlass offers custom tints for total personalization and complete user satisfaction.

Green Technology

SageGlass darkens when an electronic charge causes the thin ceramic glaze on the glass to absorb light rather than transmit it. By reducing dependence on climate control systems, this technology can reduce building or home energy consumption at the push of a button.

SageGlass also allows transmission of flattering natural light into areas that would otherwise be illuminated by electronic means. To be more clear, SageGlass can keep consumption of electricity low while simultaneously harnessing the power and beauty of natural sunlight.


Cost Effective

Wasco SageGlass is available at an affordable price and prevents property owners from seeking external means to shade their skylight. To provide an example of the cost effectiveness of a Wasco SageGlass skylight, the SageGlass option for an EF2246 model skylight currently comes in at about $384 just $100 more than a traditional SkyShade light blocking blind. In many cases the cost of the SageGlass option is a comparable price that one would pay for a skylight shade or blind.

In addition, property owners who plan to use skylights throughout their building or home will enjoy a significant savings in climate control costs. To cite one example, the U.S. Naval Academy installed SageGlass in one of their halls after determining that electrochromic tints could reduce their building climate control costs by at least 18%.

Wasco SageGlass comes in sizes 2222, 2246, 3046 and 4646 to accommodate a range of customer needs. For more information about purchasing Wasco SageGlass for your skylight installation, contact the US Building Products team for a consultation and free quote. Get started today and you could soon be enjoying the benefits and convenience of a SageGlass tinted skylight!